Expert Sealcoating and Striping Services in Kent

Adam's Asphalt Patching & Paving Inc.Adams Asphalt Patching & Paving Inc. is fully licensed and equipped to offer you a complete range of asphalt paving services. We have the technical know-how and experience required to handle any kind of job, so our contractors are experts in sealcoating and striping. With over 48 years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that we’re the smart choice for all your commercial and residential paving needs.

Our Sealcoating Services

During our many years in the asphalt paving and repair industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about parking lot and driveway maintenance. Specifically, the more you care for your surface now, the longer it will last. The best way to protect your asphalt is to use sealcoating. This process is very cost-effective because it extends the lifespan of your pavement. Other benefits include improved resistance to:

Harmful weather elements
Gas and oil drips
Oxidation from the sun’s UV rays
Water and/or salt penetration

Adam's Asphalt Patching & Paving Inc.Failing to properly maintain your driveway or parking lot can be a costly mistake. Without sealcoating, you’ll find that cracks and pitting occur much more quickly. Don’t allow your surface to deteriorate from continued exposure to the elements; contact Adams Asphalt Patching & Paving Inc. for a free sealcoating estimate today!

Our Pavement Striping Services

Once the sealcoating process is completed, commercial customers will need pavement striping services. Our contractors use professional line striping equipment, as well as traffic grade paint. We’ll be happy to restripe over existing lines or create an entirely new design. While we offer a wide range of pavement striping services, the most common ones include:

Parking Stalls
Custom Signs
ADA Signage
ADA Upgrades
Raised Pavement Markers
Rubber and Concrete Wheel Stops
Barrier Bollards

Superior Service; Superior Results

Adams Asphalt Patching & Paving Inc. is the perfect solution for all of your sealcoating and striping needs. You’re sure to be impressed with our quality results and superior service experience. We also offer expert commercial paving, residential driveways, and concrete flatwork.

Sealcoating and Pavement Striping Professionals in Kent

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