Signs You Need Residential Asphalt Repair Near Parkland

residential asphalt repair ParklandDo you think you may require residential asphalt repair near Parkland, Washington? It can be tricky knowing whether you need such services, especially if you never made plans for asphalt repair work. Here are a few symptoms to identify that may hint that your asphalt floor is worn and due for replacement or repaving.


The appearance of cracks is a primary sign that you require residential driveway paving and repair. Procrastinating on repairs will cause the existing cracks to get bigger until full sections of asphalt split apart. When this happens, you’ll need a full replacement, which is a more costly and time-intensive process. 

Pools of Water

Ponding water can cause severe asphalt damage. When the water pools, it may freeze and thaw. The process repeats until the water is removed or vaporized. This places undue pressure on the asphalt, leading to cracks. Be on the lookout for pooling water after a prolonged rain spell. 


Are potholes appearing on your driveway? This can be hazardous to your car tires and suspension over time if you have to drive over the area on a daily basis. Have a professional fill the pothole and smooth it out so it’s no longer a problem. 

Need Residential Asphalt Repair Near Parkland?

Are you aware of any of the above-mentioned signs of compromised asphalt? Make an appointment for residential asphalt repair in or near Parkland. Contact Adams Asphalt Patching and Paving for assistance today. We also conduct commercial paving for public locations and concrete flatwork and curbing. We perform asphalt restoration regardless of the complexity of the task. Let us restore your asphalt to its pristine condition.

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