Why Asphalt Driveways Are Better than Concrete Driveways Near Auburn

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Are you renovating your driveway in or around Auburn, Washington? The two primary options are asphalt driveways and concrete driveways. Between the two, which is better and provides more durability and longevity? Keep the following factors in mind as you contemplate whether to aim for asphalt or concrete.

Installation Time

Asphalt driveways are generally easier and quicker to install than concrete. This goes for both residential and business driveways. Asphalt installation takes about 24 to 48 hours to complete. By contrast, concrete can take twice as long or more. This is due to the labor associated with pouring the concrete and allowing time for it to cure.


While concrete is tough, it’s susceptible to flaking and cracking over time. This makes it prone to absorbing moisture, leading to warping. Asphalt is far less prone to cracking and is able to better withstand natural elements like sunrays and frosty weather.

Maintenance Cost

Asphalt generally requires less maintenance. Even if cracking does occur, it’s a lot more affordable to repair since cracks can easily be sealed using a sealant. When concrete develops cracks, the entire slab may need to be replaced. This takes time, not to mention it can be quite pricey just to replace a single slab.

We Install Asphalt Driveways Near Auburn

If you need a new driveway installation, asphalt driveways provide far more advantages than concrete, both from a quality and cost standpoint. To learn more, contact Adams Asphalt Patching & Paving Inc. for asphalt services, ranging from new installations to repairs. Our services also extend to include concrete flatwork and curbing. Whatever you need, we perform the job to precise industry standards without cutting corners. This ensures longevity that spans decades.

Installing Asphalt Driveways Near Auburn

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