Common Types of Puyallup Residential Asphalt Repairs

residential asphalt repair, asphalt repairDo you need to consult with a professional about residential asphalt repairs in Puyallup? As a private property owner, your driveway is a pivotal part of your home. Asphalt maintenance is crucial because letting problems linger can lead to further damage. You should be mindful, though, that the problem may be more complex than what you can observe on the surface. This is why there are different types of repair methods. Learn of the most common procedures that a technician may implement for your driveway repair.

Crack Filling

Are there visible cracks on your driveway? Filling the cracks may be the fitting solution. Having cracks filled during residential paving will minimize water seepage and offset further damage.


Patching is a good solution for fixing depressions and potholes. Talk to a Puyallup asphalt repair service to decipher whether this is the right course of action.


Sealcoating should be performed on a periodic interval to prolong the life of your driveway. A contractor can determine when this preventative work should take place and how often. Sealcoating is required more frequently when you constantly drive over the surface with heavy or commercial vehicles.

Do You Need Residential Asphalt Repairs in Puyallup?

Now that you’re aware of the different styles of repair methods, it’s time to take action and call Adams Asphalt Patching & Paving Inc. in Kent. We frequently serve residences and commercial sites all over the Puyallup area. Our crew has the training, experience, and equipment to perform the task to precise industrial standards. Our services are wide-ranging and also include concrete flatwork. Learn how we can be of service today.

Puyallup Residential Asphalt Repairs

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