Is it Time to Install Speed Bumps in Des Moines?

Are you considering adding asphalt speed bumps in your parking lot or apartment complex in Des Moines? This can be a great solution if you’re having trouble enforcing speed limits on your business’s property. Keep the following information in mind as you discuss installation options with your commercial paving professional.

Speed Bump Basics

Speed bumps are an incredibly popular method for reducing the speed of vehicles passing by or moving around in a parking lot. They’re considered one of the more aggressive solutions, as cars and trucks are literally forced to maintain speeds below 10 miles per hour. This makes them a poor option for streets and heavily traveled roadways.

Materials Used

Whether your road or parking lot is made of asphalt or concrete pavement, your speed bumps will likely be made using asphalt. This is due in large part to asphalts durability, as well as the fact that the material is quite economical. As an added benefit, asphalt is easy to repaint and reseal, so you’ll be able to maintain the appearance of your installation over time.

Other Methods of Speed Control

While speed bumps are the most common form of speed control, there are some other options available. If you’re looking for residential paving solutions, make sure your selection adheres to all local guidelines beforehand.

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Adams Asphalt Patching & Paving Inc. regularly installs asphalt speed bumps in parking lots and apartment complex traffic lanes. Des Moines property owners and managers can count on our specialists to deliver high-quality results. We also provide asphalt repair and maintenance services and concrete flatwork assistance. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Installing Speed Bumps in Des Moines

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