Frequently Asked Questions about Asphalt Paving in Puyallup

asphalt paving puyallupIt’s not uncommon for home and business owners to have questions about asphalt paving services in Puyallup. Whether you’re interested in residential paving and commercial paving, it’s important to research project options thoroughly before beginning your project. Gaining an understanding of the industry beforehand can help make your consultation more productive. Keep the following frequently asked questions and answers in mind. 

What can I do to maintain my asphalt?

There are a variety of maintenance options available after your asphalt has been laid. Every service plan is specifically tailored to meet the situation, but may include overlay, seal coat, crack sealing, cleaning or patching. A professional can help you determine the best course of action based on your situation and budget.

Why does asphalt fail?

Over time, asphalt paving can be negatively impacted by a variety of issues. Cold temperatures, repeated heavy loads, inadequate thickness and poor base design are only a few potential culprits. To prevent premature failure, always hire an experienced contractor for design, installation and maintenance services. 

Is asphalt recyclable?

Asphalt is actually 100% recyclable, making it perfect for environmentally-conscious home and business owners. In fact, this practice is very common and most products contain about 30% recycled material.

Need to Schedule Asphalt Paving Services in Puyallup?

Hopefully the above-mentioned questions and answers have been helpful. If you have more inquiries, the pros at Adams Asphalt Patching & Paving Inc. will be happy to assist you! With years of experience in the industry, we offer a wide variety of superior services, including asphalt repair and maintenance, as well as concrete flatwork. Whatever your needs, we can complete your project quickly and efficiently. Contact us today with questions or to schedule a consultation.

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